Frequently Asked Questions

General LitespanLED® FAQ

All the LED lamps are energy saving bulbs that can replace existing light bulbs in your home, office or business and dramatically reduce what you currently spend on your utility bill. Also, due to extreme longer life, you will also be able to reduce the cost of maintaining your bulbs with fewer replacements over time.
1 Footcandle = 1 lumen/ft2.​​
Reduced energy costs. Less heat because LED bulbs are very efficient converting electricity into light, unlike incandescent bulbs that convert most of the electricity consumed into heat. Less energy consumption. Longer lifespan, typically between 30,000-60,000 hours. LEDs are also free of mercury and other hazardous chemicals or metals, unlike Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs that need to be disposed of carefully when their life is over.
Standard Incandescent LitespanLED®
25W 3W
40W 4‐5W
50W 6–7W
60W 8–9W
75W 10–12W
100W 15–20W
120W 20W
LED bulbs are high-tech versions of LED technology that you've seen in early calculators and watches. Essentially, they are electronic devices with mini transformers, chip-sets and light-emitting diodes (LED) that converts electricity into light. LEDs convert most of the energy consumed into light and very little into heat. On the other hand, standard incandescent bulbs convert most of the energy consumed into heat and very little into light. For example, an 8W LED bulb produces as much light as a 65W incandescent bulb.
No. They are extremely energy efficient and convert most of the electricity used into visible light.
LEDs are the perfect retrofit for your existing light fixtures. We carry standard bases, standard or edison (E26), MR16 and other typical bases that are common with incandescent and halogen installations.
Yes. Some products are designed with waterproof fittings while others need to be kept in a water-tight fixture. Please review all instructions and manuals before using any LitespanLED® products.
Yes. Click here to find IES files, LM79 and LM80 test reports.

LitespanLED® Replacement Lamps FAQ

Yes. Click here for a complete list of Energy Star products.
Please refer to our LED Dimmer Compatibility list for dimmers tested and recommended for use with our products.
We offer a variety of color temperatures in our extensive line of LitespanLED® Fixtures (2700K to 5000K).

LitespanLED® Fixtures FAQ

Yes. Click here for a complete list of DesignLights Consortium® products.
Yes. Please visit the official UL website to find more details about EiKO’s certifications to UL standards.
No. Mounting hardware is not included.
0-10V. Select fixtures have DMX512 capabilities.
We offer a variety of color temperatures in our extensive line of LitespanLED® Fixtures (2700K to 5000K).​
Our products are designed to be easy to install with no special tools or experience needed, using conventional dimmers and wiring. Please visit our installation information for detailed documentation.​