LitespanLED® T8 LINEAR

LEDP Series


Available in a variety of sizes, from 2-6 ft versions, as well as two U-bend options
Wide range of wattages - ideal for a variety of applications
Energy Efficient - reduces power consumption and electricity costs
Long Life - 50,000 hours
Environmentally friendly - no mercury or other hazardous substances
Heavy Duty Construction - shock and vibration resistant, increasing the survivability of the lamp
Accepts multiple voltage input - maintains consistent light output even with fluctuations in line voltages

Typical Applications

Offices, Schools, Healthcare, Display Cases, Retail, Residential, Refrigerators, & Vending Machines.

LitespanLED® T8 Technical Traning Video


  • Input Voltage: 120-277VAC
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Power Supply Efficiency: 88%
  • PFC: 0.88
  • Operates from –20°C(–4°F) to 45°C(113°F)
Industry Standard
CE and ROHS Certified (2-6’ straight tubes are UL Certified)
5 year limited warranty
Main Material: Aluminum Base + Aluminum Housing
Life Span: 50,000 Hours
  • CE
  • C UL US Listed
  • RoHS

Ordering Information

Length Watts Lumens Lens CCT Item Number
2 Ft. 9W 900 Clear 4100K LEDP-9T8/24/41K
5000K LEDP-9T8/24/50K
3 Ft. 14W 1400 Clear 4100K LEDP-14T8/36/41K
5000K LEDP-14T8/36/50K
4 Ft. 18W 1800 Clear 3000K LEDP-18T8/48/30K
4100K LEDP-18T8/48/41K
5000K LEDP-18T8/48/50K
5 Ft. 22W 2200 Clear 4100K LEDP-22T8/60/41K
5000K LEDP-22T8/60/50K
6 Ft. 24W 2400 Clear 4100K LEDP-24T8/72/41K
5000K LEDP-24T8/72/50K
6" U-Bend 18W 1800 Clear 4100K LEDP-18T8U6/41K
5000K LEDP-18T8U6/50K